Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almondbury Breakfast Bar - Mount Lawley

Where? I hear you ask.

Over the last few weeks I have been, to coin a Scottish phrase, "scunnered" by the shoddy service so famous in Perth "Wait Awhile"'s restaurants and bars. Last weekend, I was so sick of it that I couldn't face waiting an extended period of time for a mediocre breakfast or, what seems to be a new trend in cafes, assembling my own breakfast from the individual ingredients thrown aimlessly onto the plate. SO, I threw down the gauntlet to house mate, team mate and Brummie DJ Angry Dan, to make me a breakfast that would satisfy my hunger and make me think twice about paying over the odds for bad service and rubbish food ever again.

Sitting on my couch watching Sesame Street in my underwear, I first ordered my drinks, an OJ and a long black. "Get it yourself" was the reply, so up I popped and made myself a cup of black instant coffee. Nescafe Gold Blend to be precise. There was no crema, it was very bitter and the cup hadn't been rinsed properly so it had a distict taste of soap. There was no OJ available so I had a water.

The food, as you can see, was a disgrace. For a start, green plates??? C'mon Dan, have a bit of pride in your work. The toast was Helga's multigrain, buttered unevenly with flora. The poached eggs [yes I did say "poached"] looked liked fried eggs with one coming hard and the other dangerously undercooked and bordering on lethal.

An altogether unpleasant experience although it came quickly, was already assembled and the service was what I would expect from a miserable git. The aforementioned plate was a faux pas and the cuttlery came with a hardened mee goreng noodle encrusted on the side of it.

Won't be doing that again so the search continues for the best breakfast in Perth.


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