Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Milkd - North Perth

On Saturday morning I took a drive up to North Perth to see what else was there after my successful trip to The Pantry Door (To be returned to soon with a review in the pipeline) last week. Angove Street is the new up and coming coffee strip in Perth and I personally love the whole suburb as it has an old fashioned community feel to the place that you don't get elsewhere. Milkd has 2 premises, the flagship store in North Perth and also another identical shop in Maylands. They are very similar and the standard of service/food/drinks are exactly the same.

I have to admit, once I'd parked the car and was walking up Angove Street, I was reluctant to go to Milkd as it was stowed out the door with customers and I had also hoped for a repeat visit to The Pantry Door. It looked like there was people literally falling out the place, spilling onto the pavement outside and jostling to get back in. However, as I hovered outside, I saw a little table become available so I quickly nipped in and grabbed it so that was it. Decision made.

Despite the hustle and bustle of customers, it has a surprisingly relaxed feel to it. With a real up tempo drum and base CD on and a vibrant and bright colour scheme, you wouldn't think it would be too relaxing but it works. After a quick look at the diverse menu, I noticed how reasonable the prices were. Cheaper than most places I've been to and by the looks of the plates around me, not skimping on portions or quality. Most things on the menu sounded very fresh and different and I plumped for the tomato, feta and avocado on sourdough. I also added ham to it and the wait staff had absolutely no problem adding it to the order. As soon as I mentioned ordering food, he quickly told me that all food would be taking 20 minutes. No problem when you're pre-warned and expect a bit of a longer wait.

My drink came quickly. I ordered a long black to kick start me and I'd finished it well before the food arrived so I grabbed an OJ to have with my food (I always think it would be polite to offer free re-fills if your food takes longer than it takes to drink your first drink!).

The food did take longer than the aforementioned 20 minutes but only just and once it arrived, I soon realised it was worth the wait. A generous helping and the tomato and feta was such a nice change to the heavier poached eggs and hollondaise sauce I usually go for. The coffee was nice and the OJ, although expensive ($5.90!) was freshly squeezed.

Overall, this is one of the best breakfasts I've had in Perth. Great menu with different ideas and a twist to the norm. I do like my staples such as eggs benny and florentine and I always feel a bit cheated when they're not there as an option, but if Eggs Benedict had been on the menu, I wouldn't have discovered this excellent, fresher variation.

Scores on the doors:

Service 6/10
Atmosphere 7/10
Coffee 7/10
Food 8/10
Price 8/10

Final Score 36/50

Would I go again?

I'll be back! Great food and great service!

Website: www.milkd.com.au

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