Thursday, June 3, 2010

Urbanspoon Rocks!!!

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I've recently attached my blog to the Urbanspoon website (Click on the Urbanspoon badge above). This means each review I do will now be linked from the restaurant's corresponding page on the Urbanspoon website. E.g. A search for Greenhouse, Perth in the Urbanspoon search engine will give you all blogs and reviews for the Greenhouse (my review is at the top of the listed blogs at the moment). You can link to the urbanspoon reviews from my blog by clicking on the spoon like this one here > Greenhouse commonly found at the bottom of each of my reviews.

The more reviews I do and the more hits on my page I get, the higher I will climb in the Perth Blog Leaderboard (my current ranking is displayed down the right hand side of this page). My goal is to be in the top 10 by the end of the year and that will only happen with your help. Keep reading the reviews, forward them to your friends, keep up with the top breakfast spots in Perth and I will try to mix it up and offer something a bit different. In the words of Kevin Costner....
"Build it and they will come!"

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  1. I visted urbanspoon becuase wanted to leave a review of a restaurant warning people of it’s unhealthy satnitation conditions. I found a roach in my soup at this particular restaraunt. they deleted my review and sent an email saying “Incidents like the one you describe are impossible for a restaurant to defend (or disprove) and can profoundly affect their reputation, so we don’t include them.” I feel that their interests are not in the consumers, and are only in the food industry’s. Imagine how many posts like mine get deleted every day and people don’t know about it. It’s dishonest and shameful.